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  • Dr. Steigerwald has taken the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ dysfunction and made it easy for the chiropractor to treat this condition. His teachings have always been ahead of his time. Through his teachings I have been able to provide relief for many whiplash patients who were resistant to traditional chiropractic care. This is one joint that should not be overlooked in whiplash cases. Dr. Steigerwald has taken a complicated subject and made it understandable for the untrained chiropractor. Dr. Steigerwald's understanding and teaching of TMJ dysfunction is simply far superior to any thing I have seen. If you don't have an understanding of how this joint may affect head, neck and shoulder pain then you owe it to you and your patients to investigate his teachings.
    Michael Sackett, D.C. DABCO
    Hemet, California

  • Thank you for your DVD and handbook. I have been treating TMD since I became a chiropractor 10 years ago. The information you give in your DVD and handbook gave me a better understanding of TMD and how to treat them. I look forward to incorporating your techniques into my TMJ assessment protocol.
    In health,
    Dr. M.Sc. Michael Vianin
    Fribourg, Switzerland

  • Dr. Steigerwald: I wanted to say thank you for your book and DVD and getting the info out there. I am a student of Dr. Croft and have attended many of his seminars, which is how I came across your book. I sat with the DVD and watched it while taking notes in the manual to learn these techniques. I have been using it regularly ever since (about 4-5 months). I have found this information to be instrumental in my practice, esp with my PI and headache/migraine patients. The TM is missed by many so I am carving a niche here, per se'. Now for a success story, one of many:) I have an NBA player/Trailblazer here in Portland who sees me regularly before home games and whose TMJ I check and treat due to prior trauma. Recently, he was knocked out in an away game from another player who did a lay-up and kicked him in the left jaw, knocking him out cold. I was the first chiropractor to treat his TM (with your technique) so he knew he wanted to see me right away after this new injury. He was notably pleased after treatment to his TM and thanks to your info, he only missed 2 games and passed his concussion screen with flying colors! I can say without a doubt, had I not performed this on him, he would not have recovered so quickly and would have likely missed more games. When I shared this with Dr. Croft and his wife Holly, Holly mentioned telling you and sharing the success! So, thanks again Dr. Steigerwald, I appreciate your knowledge!
    Dr. Gretchen Blyss
    Blyss Chiropractic, Portland, OR

  • Pre and post operative care of TMJ injuries is essential for effective surgical intervention. I refer my patients only to chiropractors who have studied Dr. Steigerwald's program. I hope to see more doctors of chiropractic develop these necessary diagnostic and treatment skills.
    J. Michael Edwards, M.D., DDS
    Tri-City Hospital
    Vista, California

  • I highly recommend Dr. Steigerwald's training program on whiplash and TMD. As a direct result of knowledge gained from his program my treatment effectiveness improved and my practice grew substantially. His video/workbook presentation makes this complex subject clear and the information is immediately useful in your practice.
    Kenneth Greenberg, DC
    La Mesa, California

  • As a result of Dr. Steigerwald's training I was able to treat both whiplash and TMD patients with greater success. This created referrals from DC's, DDS's and attorneys which produced an increased revenue stream for my practice in the vicinity of $1,000,000 over a 14 year period."
    Brian Bruck, DC, DABCO, Los Angeles, California

    Brian N. Bruck, DC, DABCO
    Los Angeles, California

  • As a P.I. attorney I want two things for my clients: effective treatment and appropriate compensation. With TMJ injuries I found these goals difficult to attain until I began to work with Dr. Steigerwald and the chiropractors trained by him. I recommend his program for the good of your patients and your P.I. practice.
    Theodore Calvo, Esq.
    San Diego, California

  • I have co-treated patients with Dr. Steigerwald for over 10 years. I consider his physical management skills to be unparalleled. In his program he presents a clear model for dental-chiropractic interaction. I recommend it for both chiropractors and dentists treating TMJ injuries.
    Phillip Potter, D.D.S.
    Post Graduate Instructor USC School of Dentistry
    Los Angeles, California

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