Dr. Steigerwald's TMD Training System

This 80 minute DVD & 60 page workbook TMD Training System represents the core information, videos and training from Dr. Steigerwald's 4 weekend/48 hour seminar series which was approved for continuing education for Chiropractors in most states in the US and approved for continuing education for Dentists in California.

  • The 80 minute DVD contains videos demonstrating proven examination and treatment techniques. It also gives you a look into the temporomandibular joint in real time through the arthroscope. You get to compare the normal TMJ with damaged TMJs which are inflamed and deranged (e.g. see what an anterior disc really looks like). See how dramatically inflamed the TM joints can become without producing local TMJ pain... and learn why. This changes everything!
  • The 60 page workbook included in this package is coordinated with the DVD and gives you an easy to follow written guide which will show you how to do an effective examination, develop an accurate diagnostic impression, implement the best treatment protocol and, if necessary, make the appropriate referrals.

Your patient's predominant symptoms do NOT include jaw pain, clicking or locking but are specifically:
Frequent, moderate to severe headaches
- Pain, muscle hypertonicity and stiffness in the neck which may or may not restrict head and neck movement
- Intermittent dizziness
1. How would you know if this patient had an inflamed TMJ that was producing these symptoms when the TMJ is not an area of complaint ?
2. Do you think that their inflamed TMJ would have to be on the same side as the pain and cervical muscle hypertonicity ?


Video demonstration and explanation of TMD examination techniques and TM joint manipulation/mobilization.
Arthroscopic videos of the TMJs: look inside healthy, inflamed and mechanically deranged TMJs... finally see what you're treating!
How to develop a specific and accurate TMD diagnostic impression accepted in court and by all TMD disciplines.
Learn a simple test to help you rule in or rule out malingering, symptom exaggeration and false complaint.
Computer animations of the TMJ injury during whiplash, normal TMJ/disc movement, TMJ clicking and TMJ closed lock.
Computer animation of the most common TMD pain patterns including headache and neck pain.
How to solve the overlap of symptoms from three common whiplash injuries: cervical injury, closed head injury and TM joint injury.
Treatment suggestions including home care, physiotherapy and TMJ manipulation are covered with case presentations.
How to coordinate treatments with, make referrals to and get referrals from health professionals in other disciplines.
PLUS... One hour FREE phone/computer tutoring with Dr. Steigerwald included with the purchase of the TMD Training System!

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