TMD Examination, Diagnosis and Treatment
By Dr. Dennis P. Steigerwald, DC

The National Institute of Health estimates that four billion dollars are spent on diagnosis and treatment of temporomandibular disorders (TMD) in the United States alone every year and that TMD is the second most commonly occurring musculoskeletal condition resulting in pain and disability (after chronic low back pain). TMDs are a subclassification of musculoskeletal disorders.

This website was created to help chiropractors, dentists, oral and maxillo-facial surgeons, physical therapists, medical physicians and other health care practitioners more effectively recognize and coordinate treatment of temporomandibular disorders (TMD). While this website contains TMD examination and treatment guidelines appropriate for any practitioner and any TMD case, there is an emphasis on sudden onset cases, e.g. whiplash induced TMD.

Whiplash injuries and temporomandibular disorders (TMD) are both capable of producing a constellation of symptoms. These symptoms include headache, neck pain, shoulder pain, dizziness and tinnitus. Jaw pain may or may NOT be a prevalent complaint. Doctors examining and treating whiplash patients must be aware that whiplash can and does cause TMJ injuries and that the symptoms can mimic cervical injury. In the same vein, practitioners treating TMD need to be aware of the fact that the TMD symptoms of headache, neck pain, dizziness and tinnitus may dominate over local TMJ pain and dysfunction. Whether the TMD case is traumatic or insidious in onset, acute or chronic in nature, timely and accurate diagnosis coupled with diagnostic specific treatment and referrals will improve treatment results and minimize protracted pain and suffering.

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Feel free to use, print and share all of the information you'll find in the 'Education Information' section below. We also offer the TMD Training System which will teach you how to perform a thorough, diagnostically accurate and medicolegally sound TMD exam in under 10 minutes. Everything listed below (and much more) is demonstrated on video and explained in detail.

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I highly recommend Dr. Steigerwald's training program on whiplash and TMD. As a direct result of knowledge gained from his program my treatment effectiveness improved and my practice grew substantially. His video/workbook presentation makes this complex subject clear and the information is immediately useful in your practice.
Kenneth Greenberg, DC
La Mesa, California

I have co-treated patients with Dr. Steigerwald for over 10 years. I consider his physical management skills to be unparalleled. In his program he presents a clear model for dental-chiropractic interaction. I recommend it for both chiropractors and dentists treating TMJ injuries.
Phillip Potter, D.D.S.
Post Graduate Instructor USC School of Dentistry
Los Angeles, California

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